UNO Specialty


One of our latest products/design is a trolley with integrated weighing scale for pigs with on both sides a foldaway platform.

  • The trolley has an integrated weighing platform; size: 743*1250mm (w x l).
  • Dimensions with platform folded:1413 x 1320 x 894mm (h x l x w)
  • Dimensions with 1 platform lowered: 1413 x 2380 x 894mm (h x l x w)
  • Innerdimensions: weighing platform: 743mm x 1250mm (w x l)
  • At one side of the trolley a display holder for the weighing module is placed.
  • The weighing module consist of a terminal and 4 weighing modules. The system has a maximum weighing capacity of 452kg.