p-Chips; identification of small laboratory animals without image disturbance*

* SPECT, CT, MRI, Coen Beam and Radiation in Pantak (10Gray)


The ultra small, silicone clip with individual serial numbers are implanted into the mouse's tail in under 1 minute then read by the custom ID reader.

1. Restrain Mouse 2 Inject p-chip 3. read with custom ID reader

The principle involves placing the p-Chip under the skin of an animal, such as a mouse, or attaching it to an animal (e.g., ants) and reading its ID at desired experimental points using a proprietary reader.

A complete system for tagging laboratory mice and other small animals hs been developed.


The key elements are:

p-Chips, mounted in sterilized injectors
ID reader ("wand") and software to read IDs
MouseTrack database software for colony management and recording of experimental results


For more detailed information download the PDF file here! 



p-Chip is a registered trademark of PharmaSeq, and UNO is allowed to sell their product in Europe.