UNO Catheter and Port related products


The Rodent SilTip; a significant innovation in catheter design.

The SilTip combines the best properties of Silicone and Polyethylene. The soft silicone tip minimizes vessel trauma during catheter insertion by deflecting on contact with the intimal lining. The Polyethylene provides the necessary kink resistance and impermeability often needed in a catheter.


Trocars - Skin tunneling Needles Solid (TRO) or Hollow (TROH).

Skin tunneling needles, Trocars - afford a quick and easy method of catheter insertion. They also provide a convenient site for routing electrode leads to exterior sites. Trocars are manufactured from thick walled medical grade stainless steel and have a semi-blunt 45 degree bevel point.

Catheter Introducers Splitable Needle and Vein Pick

The Splitable Needle is the ideal way to introduce a small catheter with a luer. Thread the cannula through the needle, puncture the vessel and thread the cannula into the vessel. To remove the needle, pull back and split the needle in half. Available for 4, 5 and 7 french catheters.


The Vein Pick holds the vessel open during the cut-down catheter insertion procedure. The tapered tip of the vein pick is inserted into an incision. The catheter fits into the groove on the underside of the vein pick and slides into the vessel.


Plugs and Connectors

 Solid and Hollow catheter plugs are available in a variety of gauges and lengths.




Blood collection container

The unique Multivette® 600 is the only product that can collect both venous and capillary blood. For venous blood collection, a Luer needle is connected to the capillary tube of the Multivette®, which automatically fills by normal venous pressure. Capillary blood is performed using the End-to-End principle.

The special pre-assembled capillary tube is designed to hold 600 μl of blood.

Download the PDF here.


Medical Grade Silicone Adhesiv

Silastic (r) Medical Adhesiv Silicone, type A - tube 57gram / 6 tubes per box