UNO Vascular Access Ports


Titanium (Clearport), Polysulfone (ROP, SLA or GPV) and Specialty (Mouse port, Periport etc) Vascular Access Ports.

Subcutaneous implanted ports provide the veterinarian or researcher safe, repeated access to a variety of different internal environments. Although the majority of ports are used for intravenous access, numerous other sites are now ready accessible such as: arterial, cranial, spinal, ventricular, intestinal and biliary. An intravenous port, for example, will allow easy access to a desired vessel for sampling or dosing with little risk of damaging the vessel and greatly reduced opportunity for infection. Since the ports are implanted subcutaneously, the risk of infection is lower than having a catheter exiting through the skin. Catheters of any size can easily be connected to access ports to fit and sampling or infusion application. 

Advantages of the Vascular Access Port:

  • Low maintenance
  • Infection rates reduced
  • Animal stress minimized
  • Permits common housing
  • Exteriorized components unnecessary

Models, sizes and available catheter sizes are listed in the chart below to help you determine what Vascular Acces Port you should choose. 

Animal Species Gridlock CP2 CP4 CP6 GPV SLA ROP Mouseport Recommended catheter size
Mouse 1,2 / 2 french
Rodents < 350gr 3 / 3,5 / 4 french
Rodents > 350gr 3,5 / 5 french
Cats 5 french
Rabbits 5 / 7 french
3,5 / 4 / 5 french
Primates < 1-2kg 3 / 3,5 / 4 french
Primates  2-5kg 3,5 / 4  french
Primates  > 5kg 3,5 / 4 / 5 french
Swine 5 / 7 french
Small Lab. Animals  
3,5 / 4 / 5 french
Large Lab. Animals 5 / 7 / 9 french


Clearport; Titanium V-A-P's are ideal for protracted use and feature very dense silicone septums capable of withstanding repeated access for a number of years. These products are manufactured of Grade 4, medical grade titanium and are available in three sizes, listed below. Using these ports, you will see reduced infection, reduced occlusion rate and enhanced cleansing of the port chamber, thus resulting in a longer life of YOUR ports and improved study results. The Clearports features a Tangential Placed Outlet Pin to help combat buildup residue inside the port and a rounded Internal Reservoir to improve flow dynamics and combat residue (drug and blood) buildup. More...

Gridlock; A dual purpose port based on the clearport CP2 with a dual grid molded septum with "Sweetspot".

Polysulfone ports; Polysulfone V-A-Ps are manufactured from medical grade polysulfone and offer the same benefits as the titanium ports concerning minimizing skin puncturing and are ideal for short term protocols where cost is an issue. More...

Mouse Port; this specialy designed Mouse port has a port body entirely made of silicone with an access area of 180° x 1.25mm. And has a pre-attached 2 french silicone catheter. The silicone port body withstands about 200 punctures with a 25 ga. huber point needle. More....

Specialty; A number of special models of Vascular Access Ports are available. More...

Port Maintenance and flushing; More...