We have undershirts for primates, dogs and swine and they are being used for a number of applications.

  • used instead of bandages or Vetwrap following surgery and to hold fentynal patches etc. Using this you can achieve savings in technician labour and saving on the Vetwrap
  • used to support leads and respiration bands in external telemetry systems i.e DSI JET system, EMKA Technologies EMKA Pak and Notocord telemetry system, in each case a specific undershirt and outer mesh jacket are made
  • used under mesh jackets to reduce potential of rubbing/chafing.


Manufactured from Spandex fabric closing with Velcro for maximum adjustment and a tight fit. Can be used for many applications; to cover applications sites, secure fentenyl patches, used as an alternative to bandages, to secure devices and leads in set positions, reduces potential for lesions due to rubbing. Can be worn on it's own or under the mesh outer jacket.



Size Code
Dog T-shirt
Small  5-7kg DJ02CAB
Medium 8-12 kg DJ03CAB
Large 13 -18kg DJ04CAB
Primate T-shirt Small 2-3kg PJ01CAB
Medium 3,5 - 5kg PJ02CAB
Large 5,5 - 7kg PJ03CAB
Extra Large 7-8kg PJ04CAB
For all other species and for the T-shirt for the telemetric system, please contact us.