UNO carries 3 types of RFID transponders for the identification of laboratory animals in its program.                                                     GET QUOTE!

All transponders have a unique and universal identification number. The transponders are supplied sterile, inside an injector and individually packaged.

For our new PICO-ID Transponder, please follow this link.

UNO Micro ID-12 UNO Micro ID-8 UNO PICO-ID
Diameter 2,12mm ±0,1mm 2,12mm ±0,1mm 1,25mm ±0,1mm
Length 12mm ±0,1mm 8mm ±0,1mm 7mm ±0,1mm
Material Parylene Coated Bioglass Parylene Coated Bioglass Parylene Coated Bioglass 8625
Frequency 134,2 kHz 134,2 kHZ 134,2 kHz
Chip Hitag S256 Hitag S256 Hitag S256
ISO standard 11784 11784 11784
ICAR approved* Yes Yes Yes
Readers Universal ISO readers Universal ISO readers

Universal ISO readers




Reading distance* Reading distance is determined by the length of the transponders coil in combination with the selected reader. Click here for more information.
Animal species Rats and larger Rats and Mice

Mice and (Zebra)fish

All three types are passive transponders. This means that the transponders have no internal power supply. The incoming radio frequency signal from the reader provides just enough power to power up the transponder and transmit a response. These passive transponders are therefore only active when a reader is nearby signaling to power up.