UNO Microventilator UMV-03


Ventilator/ Respirator, specially built for respiration of mice, rats and guinea pigs and general inhalation anaesthesia with an endotracheal canula. Standard the UNO ventilator is equipped with a connection for Anaesthetic gas (mixture), controlls for Frequency, volume and minimum/ maximum pressure, a "circle" system and the possibility for P.E.E.P. settings (f.i. with open thorax surgery).

It is also possible to place the animal under a microscope or in a Stereotakt or waterbath because of the ± 80cm long flexible hoses and endotracheal-canula connection. The unit needs a gas supply (Air, O2 or mixture).


  • Tidal Volume setting at the ventilator (without counter pressure): 0,1ml - 24ml
  • Extremely small dead volume
  • Effective volume (with counter pressure & endotracheal tube): 0,0ml - 12ml*           *(depending on size of the endotracheal tube)
  • Frequency (resporatory rate): 15 - 200/ min
  • Minimum and maximum pressure setting
  • Pressure settings:≥ 0 mbar - up
  • P.E.E.P. adjustment available
  • Sinus pressure pattern following the natural breathing pattern of awake mice and rats (insp./expiration = 1:1). Because of the design of the unit, there is no danger of peak pressure in the lungs of the animals during ventilation (compared with valve operated ventilators)
  • Circle System with CO2 absorber
  • To be easily connected to a flowmeter/ vaporizer unit
  • Distance between UMV and animal position: upto 1 meter
  • With extended gas supply- and gas exhaust tubing - the connection of the intubation tube is projected on a flexible supply- and exhaust tubing (which is part of the "Circle" system).

More information on the UMV can be found on the downloadable PDF file:

  1. UMV circle system
  2. UMV Features
  3. UMV New Concept
  4. UMV Manual



When setting up the UMV-03, you will need to have an artifical test lung available.


For the intubation of the animal prior to connecting the UMV-03, you could use the UNO Intubation Aid.