UNO T-Tube Catheters


A range of T-tube catheters are available used mainly for:

  • Bile sampling
  • Dual vein infusion


T-tubes are available in the following configurations:

 Size Length Top Length Trunk Ordering Codes
Silicone Intisil Tygon
3 french 5cm 60cm T-3S T-3IS --
4 french 5cm 60cm T-4S T-4IS --
5 french 10cm 60cm T-5S T-5IS --
7 french 10cm 60cm T-7S T-7IS --
9 french 10cm 60cm T-9S T-9IS --
1,8mm OD 10cm 60cm -- -- T-070T
2,3mm OD 10cm 60cm -- -- T-090T