Tether Infusion Systems

Small Animals / Single Channel

Our infusion sets allow the animal freedom of movement during long-term infusion. The complete assembly may be removed to facilitate the conduct of in-life investigations. Completely integrated rodent infusion systems providing maximum procedural flexibility and precision. Infusion sets may be purchased complete or as individual components and are also available pre-sterilised. All equipment is standardly available in a range of sizes. However should your size not be mentioned above, you may always call us for information on custom made products.

  • Rodent swivel retainer; Constructed in stainless steel and plastic; used to mount the swivel to the outside of the cage; preventing the rodent form accidentally gnawing the swivel and the top of the catheter; allows for easy removal of swivel and entire assembly; available for all types of cages design.
  • Rodent swivel; Available in both high-impact plastic and stainless steel; the needle gauge of the swivel is selected according to the inside diameter of the catheter.
  • Rodent swivel - tether connector; Joins the rotating end of the swivel to the top of the tether; high impact plastic construction eliminates sharp edges, thus reducing risk of damage to the catheter; facilitates 360º rotation of the system.
  • Rodent tether; Manufactured of stainless steel for durability; the tether end is molded onto the unit for use with the rodent jacket. A plain tether is designed for use with the tail cuff and attaches directly to the tail cuff. Select appropriate tether length according to the dimensions of the animal's cage.
  • Rodent jackets; Manufactured of Lycra®/spandex; suitable for a wide range of contineous intraveneous infusion applications; closes by means of velcrow fasteners, supplemented by hooks for additional security and fit; a wide selection of sizes, designs and materials are available for use in a range of procedures and protocols

  • Rodent tail cuff; Used as an alternative to the rodent jacket; constructed of stainless steel; compatible with all other items in the rodent infusion set.




Swivel needle sizes
gauge 22 20 18 17 16













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Description Animal Size Bodyweight or length Ordering code
Rodent jacket GET QUOTE! Rat Extra Small 100-150gr RJ00

Small 150-250gr RJ01
Medium 250-350gr RJ02
Large 350-500gr RJ03
Extra Large +500gr RJ04
GET QUOTE! Mouse Small up to 25gr MJ01
Medium 25-30gr MJ02
Large +30gr MJ03
GET QUOTE! Hamster Small up to 25gr HJ01
Medium 25-30gr HJ02
Large +30gr HJ03

GET QUOTE! Guinea Pig Small up to 350gr GPJ1
Medium 350-600gr GPJ2
Large +600gr GPJ3
All rodent jackets come with standard inserts. Custom inserts like dermal or pocket inserts are also available.
Tail cuff GET QUOTE! Rat Stainless Steel RTT1

Short rubber coated RTT1R

GET QUOTE! Rat Single channel/ no tether all CIH95AB
GET QUOTE! Mouse Single channel/ no tether all CIH62AB
Rodent tethers GET QUOTE! Rat/Guineapig Sewn for jacket 30cm RT12S

Sewn for jacket 45cm RT18S
Sewn for jacket 60cm RT24S
Plain for tail cuff or harnass 30cm RT12T
Plain for tail cuff or harnass 45cm RT18T
Plain for tail cuff or harnass 60cm RT24T
GET QUOTE! Mouse / Hamster Sewn for jacket 30cm MT12S
Sewn for jacket 45cm MT18S
Sewn for jacket 60cm MT24S
Plain for harnass 30cm MT12T
Plain for harnass 45cm MT18T
Rodent tether/swivel connector
GET QUOTE! All connects single channel tethers to swivel RST1
Rodent swivels
High Impact Plastic GET QUOTE! Rat 23gauge RSP4

22gauge RSP1
21gauge RSP3
20gauge RSP2


26gauge MSP5
27gauge MSP6
High Impact Plastic with fixed collar for balance arm system

GET QUOTE! Rat 22gauge RSP1C
20gauge RSP2C
21gauge RSP3C
23gauge RSP4C
Mouse 26gauge RSP5C
High Impact Plastic with fixed collar for balance arm system, with luer ends

GET QUOTE! Rat 22gauge RSP1CL
20gauge RSP2CL
21gauge RSP3CL
23gauge RSP4CL
GET QUOTE! Mouse 26gauge RSP5CL
Plastic GET QUOTE! Rat 20gauge 375/20PS

22gauge 375/22PS
GET QUOTE! Mouse 25gauge 375/25PS
Stainless steel GET QUOTE! Rat 22gauge RSS1

21gauge RSS2
20gauge RSS3
20gauge 375/20
22gauge 375/22
Mouse 25gauge 375/25
Rodent swivel connector

GET QUOTE! All To connect swivel to cage RS02