Tether Infusion Systems

Medium and Large Animals

A comprehensive range of infusion sets is available that enables researchers to meet the criteria set out in individual procedures and experimental requirements. The equipment is suitable for all laboratory animals, including rabbits, dogs, primates, swine and large farm animals.

A Large Animal Tether Infusion Set contains:
A swivel, a tether with end-plate and a jacket.



Large Animal swivels; Available in stainless steel and high impact plastic; may be cleaned and serviced for repeated use. Standard needles sizes (gauge 16 to 20), as well as non-standard needle sizes. (For non-standard and custom-designed models, please contact us.) Supplied with C-clamp and bolts for mounting onto the animals cage (unless otherwise requested).

Large Animal tethers; Designed to protect the catheter from damage and interference; constructed from flexible, interlocking stainless-steel coil; variety of lengths available; aluminum end pieces have set screws which fit into the corresponding slot on both the swivel and the tether end-plate.

Tether end-plate; Connects the tether to the animal jacket; affixed to a reinforced anchoring point mounted on the jacket; manufactured from a single piece of stainless steel for durability and a reliable connection.

Tethers Dogs Primates Rabbits Other...
Stainless steel Code Length Code Length Code Length Code Length
LAT2 60cm BT01 60cm BT01 60cm BT03 light weight tether 90cm with integral tether end-plate
LAT3 90cm BT02 90cm BT02 90cm
LAT4 120cm BT03 90cm GET QUOTE!
LAT5 150cm LAT2 60cm
LAT4 120cm
Tether end plate ATE" Included with each tether!
Swivels All medium and large size animals.
High Impact Plastic Code Size Stainless steel Code Size
ASP1 20gauge ASS1 20gauge
ASP2 18gauge ASS2 18gauge
ASP3 17gauge ASS3 17gauge
APS4 16gauge ASS4 16gauge
APS5 19gauge GET QUOTE!
APS6 22gauge

Dual Channel Infusion

A comprehensive range of multi channel infusion sets is available for small and large laboratory animals.

Rodent swivel - dual fluid channels
For use long-term intravenous infusions and related applications; constructed of high-impact plastic;
reusable; may be used in such investigations as collection of physiological data and bile-duct cannulation, among others; large- diameter tether accommodates dual infusion lines. The system is
compatible with standard rodent jackets, available in a range of standard needle gauges.

Large Animal swivel - multi - fluid channel
Available in both double and triple fluid channel models; for use in a number of simultaneous
applications, such as intravenous infusion, the collection of physiological data and bile-duct cannulation, standard needles sizes (gauges 17 to 20).

Large Animal - electronic / fluid channel combinations
A range of made-to-order swivels combining both electronic and fluid channel is available; variety of
options, including: all electric, no fluid channels; single fluid, choise of electrical channels; double fluid, choice of electrical channels; triple fluid, choice of electric channels. For complete details, please contact us.

Description Animal Size / Length Code
Jackets All all jackets are suitable for multi channel infusion.
Harnass Rat with 30cm tether CIH105


to be used with jacket

Rat 30cm RT12D
45cm RT18D
60cm RT24D
Medium, large animals All tethers mentioned in the tabel above are suitable for multichannel application.
Tether / Swivel connector Rat for dual channel tether RS1D
Rat 23gauge RSPF2
22gauge RSPF3
Medium, large animals  17gauge ASPF1
20gauge ASPF2
Medium, large animals 17gauge ASPF5
20gauge ASPF6
18gauge ASPF7
Rat 22gauge 375/D/22
20gauge 375/D/20
Medium, large animals 17gauge ASSF1
20gauge ASSF2
18gauge ASSF3
Medium, large animals 17gauge ASSF5
20gauge ASSF6