Stereotaxic Instruments

These Stereotaxic Instruments are developed under the guidance of neuroscience experts. The basic U-frame used in this design provides easy access to all-directional operation on the animal and it is mounted directly to the base plate. Various adaptors are available for use with rat, mouse, guinea pig etc.

Because of the large variety in models and accessories the full catalog can be Downloaded here!

Configuration Stereotaxic, SGL Manip 18 deg. - 68U801

  • Stereotaxic Basic Module (including U-frame and Base board, SGL Manipulator)
  • Ear Bars, Rat, 18 Deg. 1 pair
  • Rat Adaptor-Nose Clamp
  • Probe Holder-Corner



  • Adaptors available for use with rats, mice, guinea pigs, birds, cats, dogs, primates, rabbits etc
  • 80mm of vertical, lateral and anterior-posterior travel.
  • 180? rotation and lock at any angle vertical
  • 360? rotation and lock at any angles available
  • Syringe pump, microcamera and drill can be attached to the Sterotaxic Instrument directly
  • Dual-lead screws allow the more stable and accurate movement
  • Maintain accuracy and flexibility under different temperatures
  • With advanced surface processing technique, base and frame are easy to clean
  • Available for various species with the extended base plate 400 x 255mm
  • The unique anti-clockwise mark engraved in the knob signifying effortless vertical operation
  • Vertical lock and fixing knob are separated to ensure accurate position at any angle
  • The precisely designed rotary knob and the U frame supply sufficient space for the anterior-posterior operation
  • Laser engraved scales and darken rod make the numerals easy to read
  • Curve design of nose clamp fizes the head of the animal more tightly
  • Use plate pressing plate rather than clamping in the locking the Ear bar
  • Without the embedded spring, the knob and the lead screw connect compactly

Accessories for Stereotaxic Intruments:

There is a wide variety of accessories available for the Stereotaxic. Two of these are mentioned below. The other accessories are in the PDF leaflet which can be downloaded.

Mouse Gas Anesthesia Adaptor 68U061
By positioning the mouse head in different angles, the mouse Gas Anesthesia Adaptor allows the reseacher to deliver the anesthetic gas without any obstruction. Dorsal/Ventral adjustments: 30mm (+10mm~-20mm), calibrated in 100um.
Vertical angle: 70? (-35? ~+35?) accuracy 5?
Lateral angle: 70? (-35? ~+35?) accuracy 5?
A/P adjustment 43,5mm
Gas anesthesia Mask (Diameter 2mm for both inlet and outlet ports.)

Rat Gas Anesthesia Adaptor 68U062:
This Rat Gas anesthesia Adaptor is designed to provide a reliable means for stabilizing the head, allowing versatility to angle the head without obstructing the ability to deliver the gas anesthetic. Arch mounted tooth bar provides head adjustment focused around ear bar zero. In addition, a custom modse clamping mask is incorporated, that can be utilized for delivering gas anesthetic.
Dorsal/ Ventral adjustments 40? (+20? ~ -20?), calibrated in 1?
Adaptor A/P Adjustment 43,5mm
Gas Anesthesia Mask inlet/outlet ports (dia. 2mm)