UNO Sil-O-Cath


  • The Sil-O-Cath is an one-piece molded catheter with rubber hub.
  • Sil-O-Cath's unique design creates a streamlined fluid path compared to tortuous paths in catheter with conventional snap-on-luer hubs.
  • Due to its unique design the catheter will neither pull apart from the hub nor stick to a male luer.
  • The Sil-O-Cath is available in single or dual lumen configuration.
  • The unique Silicone Rubber Luer Hub is affixed by way of a precision-molding process, an innovative design that effectively eliminates residue accumulating corners and provides a smooth internal flow path for superior blood withdrawal. The universal silicone rubber hub grips and seals by conforming to the threaded male luer lock. It is designed to eliminate the potential for cap seizing due to overtightening or due to residue accumulation on the catheter's hub.

Sil-O-Cath is available in the following configurations;

 French Size Standard length Ordering Code Modifications
7 Single Lumen 60cm SOC-7S Dacron Cuff at 8cm from luer.
9 Single Lumen 60cm SOC-9S
7 Double Lumen 60cm SOCDL-7S
10,5 Double Lumen 60cm SOCDL-10,5S