UNO S.s. Isolators

All stainless steel for the housing of transgenic and/or infected rodents...


This isolator has been designed specially for safe and yet easy accessible housing for transgenic and/or infected rodents. Both inlet and outlet air is directed through HEPA filters. The isolator is to be connected to the already inhouse available ventilation system.



  • The isolator can be used for over pressure and also for under pressure and is equipped with a measurement unit for air velocity and temperature.
  • The readings are digitally shown on the display.
  • This design can for example house 40 mice cages which are placed in small, devidable cage rack at the back of the workarea.
  • The workarea is illuminated by fluorescent lighting placed on top of the isolator.
  • This is separated from the workarea by a lexane window on top of the isolator.
  • The front window has two pairs of rubber gloves fitted in the window by s.s. rings.
  • The whole isolator is easily moveable through 4 castors, 2 of which with brakes.


For collecting and disposal from waste when handling the cages inside the isolator, there is a special design waste bin available.