UNO Small Animal Retraction System


This Small Animal retraction System simplifies set-up procedures and that provides excellent overview of the operative site.

The fully integrated procedural and stabilization system provides precisely controlled retraction at the operative site.

This system allows researchers to operate independently, eliminating the requirement for an assistant or improvised assistive devices.

The system removes the complexities and distractions of improvised set-ups, allowing the

researcher to focus full attention on the surgical procedure.

Can be autoclaved.

The retraction System contains

  • Base plate
  • Magnetic Fixators (6ea)
  • Wire Retractor Handle (10ea)
  • Lab System Elastomer
  • Assorted Retractor tips

The base plates are made from magnetic stainless steel and available in 2 sizes:

  •  for mice: 20 x 30cm
  •  for rats: 25 x 35cm

Both sizes have a window in the center which allows the animal contact with body temperature control systems (like the UNO Heating System). The window sizes are 10 x 13cm (mouse) and 15 x 25cm (rat).