UNO Primate Pole & Collar System


A time-tested line of handling equipment designed specifically for nonhuman primates. It is impossible for any company to claim the complete elimination of risk to personnel involved in handling these strong and agile animals. Even in the best conditions, working with nonhuman primates is a hazardous endeavor. Whether you are looking for something as simple as a capture net for your field cage, or a less restrictive handling system like the Pole and Collar system, we believe our product line provides the best options for solving your nonhuman primate handling concerns.

The Pole & Collar handling System was developed to provide a standardized method for handling nonhuman primates that reduces stress on the animals and helps ensure handlers' safety. Through positive reinforcement, primates quickly learn their role in handling procedures and become williing workers, reducing the need to physically handle the animal by force or use anaesthetic restraint.

Nylon Collar Part Number
Color Small Medium Large
Black 1HCM1O 1HCM2O 1HCM3O
Green 1HCM1G 1HCM2G 1HCM3G
Yellow 1HCM1Y 1HCM2Y 1HCM3Y
Collar Size Information
Small Medium Large
Inside Diameter 5,08cm 6,35cm 7,62cm
Base 10,2cm 10,2cm 10,2cm
Length 15,5cm 15,5cm 15,5cm



Aluminum Collar Size Information
Medium Macaque Large Macaque Small Baboon Medium Baboon Large Baboon
Inside Diameter 6,4cm 7,6cm 8,9cm 10,2cm 11,4cm
Base 10,2cm 10,2cm 12,7cm 12,7cm 15,2cm
Length 13,9cm 15,6cm 17,8cm 19,1cm 20,3cm
Part Numbers
1HCM2A (green) 1HCM3A (blue) 1HCB10 (Gold) 1HCB20 (Red) 1HCB30 (Black)


 Capture Poles Size information and Part Numbers
1HCP05 - Length 58,4cm

1HCP10 - Length 104cm