UNO MousePorts


This small Vascular Access port, is especially designed for mouse infusion studie, (especially valuable for peritoneal studies). Taking in consideration the small vessel gauge, necessary softness of the catheter together with the need for a minimal dead volume. Download PDF...

  • with a totally new septum design, biocompatible oval shape
  • a port body made entirely of silicone
  • low weight with dead volume of 50µl
  • acess Area 180˚ x 0.5"


  • - cost effective for chronic dosing
  • - simple implantation procedure
  • - avoids repeated needle sticks
  • - avoids repeated catheterization
  • - reduces animal stress


  • small size - length and diameter
  • biocompatible oval shape
  • low weight
  • 2 fr. attached silicone catheter
  • easy to find reservoir
  • 100 punctures with a 25 ga. huber point needle

Ordering information;

MousePorts are available with a preattached 1,2 - 2 - 3 or 4 french silicone catheter.

  • MMP-1S: MousePort with 30cm long 1,2 french catheter
  • MMP-2S: MousePort with 30cm long 2 french catheter
  • MMP-3S: MousePort with 30cm long 3 french catheter
  • MMP-4S: MousePort with 30cm long 4 french catheter

A noteworthy tip ... when accessing a Vascular Access Port, especially when withdrawing, be sure the needle tip hits the base of the port. You will hear a 'click' when the needle hits the base of the port that will confirm the needle eye/heel has cleared the septum. Maintain positive pressure as the natural tendency is to pull back on the needle when it hits the metal base. If the deflected tip/needle does not totally clear the septum, withdrawal will be difficult due to the occlusion caused by the "partially occluded needle eye".