Surgical Monitoring Mouse and Rat made easy.


Heart Rate * SpO2  * Temperature * ECG * Warming

Physiological Parameters

ECG; Ultra low-noise, high resolution;Simultaneous Lead I, II and III; 24-bit sigma-delta AD converters.

Heart Rate; real-time numeric display; Up to 999BPM; Acquired from ECG waveform.

Pulse Oximetry; Ultralow-noise, high resolution; Simultaneous SpO2 display; 18-bit sigma-delta AD converters.

Respiration; Ultra low-noise; high resolution; Based on thoracic impedance; Signal acquired through ECG electrodes.

Breath Rate; Real-time numeric display; Up to 300BrPM; Acquired from respiration waveform.

Core temperature; 0,1˚C monitoring accuracy; Mouse-specific rectal probe.

Warming; Elctronic closed-loop control; Intelligent zone heating; Platform temperature control with 0,1˚C resolution.


Intuitive Touch Interface

25,5cm Touch screen; Capacitive touch screen works with surgical gloves.

Ergonomic Display; Waveforms and nummeric data presented in an easily readable format.

Comment; Apply notes, tags, and observations to mark events.

Record and Export; Supports many analysis packages through CSV export.

Screenshot; Take quick snapshots to capture interesting data.


Heated Surgical Platform

Accessories; Frame designed for magnetic acessories.

Expansion Modules; Four expansion ports support analog output and SpO2 modules

Durable; Easy to clean stainless steel work surface and electrodes.

Warming Zone; Homothermic heater maintains core temperature.

ECG Electrodes; Surface-mounted mouse & rat electrodes enable easy operation with low noise.     


Very detailed information on the MouseMonitor can be downloaded here!