UNO Mouse Catheters

With the advent of transgenic mice, chromic catheterization of mice has become increasingly important. We now offer both Polyurethane and Silicone catheters for mice.

Polyurethane has proven to have many favorable nonthrombogenic and biocompatible properties. Polyurethane is slightly stifer than silicone, making it easier to insert into small vessels. The tensile and tear strength of polyurethane is higher than that of silicone allowing for a larger internal lumen as compared to a similar silicone catheter. Polyurethane may only be ETO gas sterilized!

Silicone has traditionally been considered the gold-standard for long-term access in animals. Its properties, include high biocompatibility, relative non-thrombogenicity and resistance to chemicals. Silicone may be both ETO gas sterilized and autoclaved.

Product Features
Polyurethane Silicone
  • Biocompatible
  • Larger ID for same size OD as silicone
  • Increased flow rate due to larger ID
  • Higher tensile and tear strength
  • Easier to insert and advance due to initial stiffness
  • Softens in the body
  • ETO Gas Sterilization only.
  • Biocompatible
  • Chemically resilient
  • Easily Modified
  • Smaller ID for same size OD as Polyurethane
  • Greater wall thickness
  • Soft and Flexible
  • ETO Gas Sterilization
  • Autoclavable
  • Gamma radiation Sterilization
Product Specifications and ordering codes
Polyurethane Silicone
  • French: 1,2
  • Gauge: 27
  • Innerdiameter: 0,19mm
  • Outerdiameter: 0,41mm
  • Standard length: 30cm
  • Ordering code: CNC-1P
  • French: 1,2
  • Gauge: 27
  • Innerdiameter: 0,18mm
  • Outerdiameter: 0,41mm
  • Standard length: 30cm
  • Ordering code: CNC-1S


Customized mouse catheter.

In order to keep the benefit of a larger catheter to connect to swivel, syringe  etc., we have designed a combined catheter for mouse. This catheter combines a 1,2 french tip with a 3 french catheter. The small 1,2 french is small enough for almost any canulation of mice while the 3 french catheter stays outside the animal. Variation on this catheter are also available (2 french tip + 3 french catheter or 1,2 french tip with 2 french catheter).

Ordering information:

  • CNC-1,2/3S: 1,2 french * 0,5cm connected to 3 french * 60cm / silicone
  • CNC-1,2/3P: 1,2 french * 0,5cm connected to 3 french * 60cm / silicone
  • CNC-2/3S:    2 french * 0,5cm connected to 3 french * 60cm / polyurethane
  • CNC-2/3P:    2 french * 0,5cm connected to 3 french * 60cm / polyurethane

Silicone mouse catheter with Modifications:

  • 1,5 French (ID 0,25mm x OD 0,51mm)
  • Small and flexible yet easy to insert
  • Radiopaque for easy visualization
  • Provided with a stainless steel insert 1,25cm long, inserted in position during manufacture, for quick & easy attachment to a larger catheter or to the infusion source
  • Provided with a Teflon coated stainless steel stylet which makes catheter insertion and advancement a breeze... The procedure will be shorter & damage to the intimal lining of the vessel will be minimized.
  • The catheter assembly can be inserted through a thin walled 20gauge needle
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Stainless Steel Stylet:

  • Smooth surface decreases coefficient of friction
  • Available with or without a Teflon coating
  • Provides rigidity to a small diameter, flexible catheter
  • Promotes quick & easy insertion into a vessel
  • Minimizes damage to the intimal vessel lining
  • Usefull modification for cost effective, smooth & efficient catheter insertion.
  • Stylettes are available to fit 1,5 french, 2 french and 3 french!
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For these small catheter luer stub adaptors are available with and without rubber injection cap!