Jackets and Vests

Innovative design and down to the smallest detail our Large Animal Jackets fulfill all the demands placed on today's investigators. A single jacket will typically incorporate many materials, special features and fabrication methods which combine to increase comfort for the subject, as well as ease of use for the handler. The models shown here are just a small selection from an extensive range which includes jackets for many other species.

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Lately we have added a complete range of undershirts that can be used in combination with our jackets and vest. More...

  • Extensive ranges of standard designs are always available.
  • Innovative materials ensure comfortable fit and adjustment
  • for individual animals
  • Custom designed jackets are undertaken.
  • Pockets for portable equipment in a range of sizes and materials
  • Anchoring patches to connect to tethering systems.
  • Custom accessories such as for dermal applications.

Primate Jackets;                                  GET QUOTE!

We offer the most comprehensive range of primate jackets on the

  • available in seven sizes for Rhesus, and five sizes for Cynomolgus, juvenile baboons and species such as squirrel and owl monkeys;
  • jackets can be custom-designed for other species;
  • light padding at the neck opening and waist closed by velcrow ensures comfortable fit;
  • available with a range of accessories such as anchoring patches for tether systems and pockets for ambulatory experiments.



Dog Jackets;                                         GET QUOTE!

Designed primarily for beagles and hound-type dogs; sizes available for larger dogs.

  • velcrow fasteners at neck and/or base of jacket provide added security;
  • and adjustment;
  • available with a complete set of accessories;
  • also in 3/4 or full length with or without rear-leg enclosures.




Rabbit Jackets:                                    GET QUOTE!

  • Designed to be used with New Zealand White rabbits;
  • available with a complete set of accessories;
  • available in 3/4 or full length with or without rear-leg enclosures.


Swine Jackets;                                      GET QUOTE!

We offer a vast selection of custom-made swine jackets for all swine breeds, including micro, mini, Yucatan,

as well as specific farm or marketweight swine. All jackets may feature expandable panels made of spandex, designed to accommodate growth of the abdominal area and ensure both comfort and fit. For information on ordering swine jackets, please contact us.




Jackets and vests for farm and other animals; We design and manufacture custom-made jackets and vests for any type of animal used in biomedical research. Please contact us for information regarding jacket specifications and features, ordering and prices.


Accessories: We offer several accessories, including anchoring plates for tether end-plates, dermal application for all size jackets including rodent jackets and pockets in a range of sizes and fabrics. Other options are available on request.

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