UNO Intisil catheters


  • Studies have shown that rounded catheter tips are less thrombogenic than "square cut" and "beveled" catheter tips. The rounded tip is thought to be less traumatic to the intimal lining of blood vessels and thereby slower to evoke a thrombogenic response during implantation and in situ.
  • The Intisil catheter is a silicone catheter with a rounded tip and available for large and small animals. The catheter is made in 3,4,5,7 and 9 french sizes and may be attached to Vascular Access Ports, Chronic-Cath or Sil-O-Cath luers, or any number of other connections.
  • The Physiology involved in the thrombogenicity of long-term catheters involves many factors. A principal factor involves the interaction between the catheter tip and the intimal lining or endothelium of the vessel. The rounded tip on the Intisil is less traumatic to the intima. The conventional square-cut and beveled catheters, on the other hand, actually have sharp edges which traumatize the vessel wall.
  • Silicone; is the softest and least traumatic of all long-term catheter materials. That is one reason why it has been the gold standard for so many years. The silicone catheter just got better.
Square tip catheter

Rounded tip catheter

Intisil catheters are available in the following sizes:

French Size Gauge Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Standard Length Ordering Code Modifications
3 20 0,5mm x 0,9mm 60cm CNC-3IS All sizes are delivered with 2 moveable retention beads. For other available modifications, please see our catheter modification page.
4 18 0,6mm x 1,2mm 60cm CNC-4IS
5 16 0,7mm x 1,7mm 60cm CNC-5IS
7 13 1,3mm x 2,4mm 60cm CNC-7IS
9 11 1,6mm x 3,2mm 60cm CNC-9IS