The UNO Induction Box and Gas Exhaust Unit can be used for inducing inhalation anaesthesia with rats and mice. (An anaesthetic gas mixture from a flowmeter/vaporizer should be available.)

The Induction Box is made in 10mm thick acrylic with an inlet hose connector at bottom level and at the oppossite side an outlet ø23mm (at the level of the lid). The lid can be opened by vertical sliding the lid off of the induction chamber. When the induction box is connected to the UNO Gas Exhaust Unit and the lid is closed, there is a relative high internal resistance for the ventilator of the Exhaust Unit. Therefore the Gas Exhaust Unit only takes very little of the anaesthetic gas mixture from the induction box and as a result, the animal is optimally exposed to the anaesthetic gas mixture.

As soon as the animal is anaesthesized, the lid of the Induction Box can be slightly slided open. By sliding the lid only a little bit open, the internal resistance from the exhaust ventilator is reduced and the UNO Gas Exhaust Unit is immediately exhausting at maximum capacity, thus preventing the anaesthetic gas mixture to escape from the induction chamber into the room/working area. The induction Box is thus rapidly emptied from the anaesthetic gas mixture and the lid can be taken off to get the anaesthesized animal (mouse or rat) out.

Inner dimensions (L x W x H)

  • Induction box rat:       250 x 130 x 90mm
  • Induction box mouse: 150 x 100 x 70mm


Finally it can be mentioned that the UNO Gas Exhaust Unit can also be connected to an Active Charcoal Filter (for absorbing the isoflurane) or to an appropriate "in-house" exhaust system.