UNO Heating System / hot water


A simple system to keep small lab animals heated during procedures, is the UNO Heating System/ hot water. This system combines a flat plate with a warm water pump. The hot water circulates through the rims in the flat plate thus keeping the plate warm. The animal is placed onto the flat plate (eventually combined with a retraction system).

Heating Plate; warm water circulation

Dimensions 400 x 300mm

Material       Plexiglass


T/Pump; warmwater pump

Safe and effectuve warming (and cooling).

3-Layer Safety System:

1. Dual temperature sensors

2. Dual microprocessors

3. Back up mechanical thermostat to ensure safe operation
Dimensions 20 x 29 x 20 cm Weight 3 kg empty, 4,2kg filled to heating water line
Power 230VAC, 50Hz, 2.0 amperes,  Power cord 4,3m Fluid System

4,76cm diameter fill port, 40 lph flow rate min,wet or dry storage

Control ± 1˚C accuracy System 10˚C - 42˚C temperature range
Hose permanently attached 3meter hose Reservoir 2,75liter max, Translucent to determine water level at a glance.