Product description

This handheld reader is designed to read RFID transponders that are conform to ISO-standard for Electronic Identification of animals. (ISO 11784 for transponders and ISO 11785 for readers.) The transponder number is displayed on the LCD screen and stored in the readers memory.

The Gesreader 2S has the:

  • Possibillity to formulate your own code or test number, max. 16 characters (=equivalent code) which is permanently connected to the transponder number. The equivalent code is also displayed on the LCD.
  • Possibillity to formulate a maximum of 10 observations (each max. 16 characters). After having read a transponder the observations can be added to the transponder number and will be saved in the reader's memory linked to this transponder number. The observations can be selected by use of a "scroll" menu. This feature operates via the software GESDEF V2.0 for windows, which is delivered with the reader.

The software GESCONTROL for windows allows:

  1. downloading transponder numbers, date and time of transponder readings, equivalent codes and the various (max. 10) observations made.
  2. uploading the equivalent code list from the PC to the reader.

The downloaded information (ASCI) can be imported in for instance an Excell file including column seperations between the various items.


Technical data

  • Dimensions: 205 x 100 x 40mm
  • Weight: 335gr
  • Power supply: Rechargeable battery (Ni-MH) 13,2V/650 mAh
  • Operating temperature: -5˚C to +55˚C
  • Interfaces: RS232
  • Memory: upto 4500 readings for each definition. Upto 5 definitions to store data with internal clock reference