UNO Flow Cabinets


UNO Microbiological Safety Cabinets have a workopening allowing the user to perform operations in the workspace. The design is so that the user is protected and the risk of product- and cross contamination is minimilized. Also the escape of airborn particles is minimilized by the internal airflow in the cabinet and by the filteration of the exhaust air.

The filtrated uniform downflow in the workarea minimilizes the risk of product- and cross contaminination. An aircurtan is generated at the front of the workspace, thus maintaining the product- and personell protection. The air flow out of the cabinet goes through the recirculationcanal, at the backside of the cabinet. All areas that the contaminated air is directed through are maintained under underpressure thus making leakage from contaminated air into the surrounding areas impossible.

Technical Specifications

Type IF-MVK-152

Type IF-MVK 183

Dimensions Width 1571mm 1876mm
Depth 764/473mm 765/473mm
Height 1585mm 1585mm
Down Flow filter


Dimensions 457 * 1520 * 66mm 457 * 1830 * 69-11mm
Number 1 1
Exhaust filter Type Camfil 1DTGS 1PU HC H14 1DTGS HC H14
Dimensions 610 x 457 x 292mm 457 x 610 x 292mm
Number 1 1
Pre filter Type CP200 G3 CP200 G3
Dimensions 1495 x 211 x 20mm 1800 x 211 x 20mm
Ventilator Type DD 10-10 ECM2 3/4 DD 10-10 ECM2 3/4
Voltage 230 V 230 V
Hertz 50 Hz 50 Hz
Number 1 1
Power 740 W 760W
Power consumption 4,2 A 4,4A
Lighting Type TL- colour 33, T5 HF Tl colour 33, T5 HF
Watt 28 W 35 W
Number 1 1

*  All cabinets can optionally be supplied with static or moveable frames!