UNO FACE MASKS for inhalation anaesthesia without respiration support, UNO has 3 Face masks available;

  • Face Mask for mouse
  • Face Mask for rat
  • Multi Face Mask for both mouse and rat


All three models are to be connected to a supply system for anaesthetic gas (like vaporizer and flowmeter or univentor). The second connection is to a gas exhaust system which safely removes the exhaled/ non used anaesthetic gases; like the UNO Gas Exhaust unit.

Face Mask for mouse.

  •  with small nose "cone" specially designed for use with mice
  • excellent gas exhaust*
  • good cleanability

Face Mask for rat.

  • with larger nose "cone" for gas supply
  • to be used with rats (and mice depending on type of operation).
  • gas exhaust and cleanability as for the mouse face mask




Multi Face Mask for both mouse and rat.


  • Allows to have 4 mice simultanously connected to the face mask at one side of the multi face mask.
  • For the use with mice, we can also supply a special designed "mold" or "add-on" in which the animals lay and are kept in place.***



  • The special design of this multi face mask makes it possible to also use it with rats. If the opposite side is equipped with 4 single face masks for rats, you can connect up to 4 rats to the multi face mask. (Also if you need more room to place the animals, you could choose to connect upto 4 face masks for mice to this side.)




* in combination with the UNO Gas Exhaust Unit.
*** and optionally: a heating system for mice (and rat).