UNO Euthanasia Unit


During euthanasia of rodents using the UNO Euthanasia Unit, the following benefits are achieved:

  • The animals can stay in their cage, because the UNO Euthanasia Unit includes a transparant polycarbonate "container", in which the complete rat- or mousecage can be placed.
  • First, Carbogen gas is introduced at the bottom of the cage, by means of a PLC controlled valve. Carbogen is a gas mixture of 95% O2 + 5% CO2 . This causes a high concentration O2 in the cage and in the container, while the 5%-concentration CO2 does not cause any reaction at the CO2 reseptors in the animal lungs. The pO2 level in the blood becomes maximal.
  • After 1 min. the Carbogen flow is stopped and 100% CO2 is introduced into the cage. In this way the high concentration O2 is slowly replaced by CO2. This relatively slow replacement of O2 by CO2 is responsable for the reduction of stress for the animal.

If mice and rats are being exposed directly to 100% CO2, the stress level, measured according to EEG, EKG and proportionaly, is very high. The article "Carbon Dioxide euthanasia in rats; ....." handles about the 3 above mentioned criteria in detail. Download Articles here...

The UNO Euthanasia Unit encludes:

  • A polycarbonate box with lid, in which the mice and rat cages can be placed. Dimensions: 50 x 75 x 25cm (lxbxh) (other dimensions custom made available!)
  • Tube for the gassupply. This tube can be put between the bars of the wirelids into the cage.
  • A valve in the macrolon box to connect the unit to an exhaust system.
  • The s.s. trolley has a tray on which the gas cylinders can be placed.
  • A switchboard for the supply of the gas (mixure) O2 and CO2, according a PLC pre-set program.

One of the advantages of the mentioned PLC pre-set programs is that the procedures for euthanasia in rats and mice can be easily described in a protocol for the users of the unit. The UNO Euthanasia Unit contains a program that uses 2 different gasses in order to, during euthanasing mice and rats, reduce the animal's stress to a minimum.