UNO Coil-Cath Bladder or Peritoneal Catheter


Long-term peritoneal access can be hampered by the omentum and long-term bladder access can be hampered by precipitate if a specialty coil catheter is not used.

The silicone Coil-Cath has a unique configuration. Perfusion holes are located on both the inside and outside of the coil. If the outside surface becomes occluded by the omentum or a precipitate, the internal coil will still offer a clear fluid path.

The Coil-Cath is available in sizes:

Description Coil size Coil Length Coil Diameter Catheter Size Catheter Length Ordering Code
Bladder catheter
8 french 7cm 1cm 7 french 60cm CNC-COIL8S-3
Peritoneal catheter 8 french 15cm 1cm 7 french 60cm CNC-COIL8S-6