UNO Chronic-Cath


  • Chronic-Cath catheters are available with a preattached or an attachable female luer lock and injection cap.
  • The pre-attached Chronic- Cath is provided with a female luer lock and an injection cap which are attached to the catheter during manufacture.
  • The attachable Chronic-Cath is provided with a Pigtail Connector- a female luer lock and injection cap, with a 2,54cm Tygon extension, a silicone sleeve & barbed titanium connector.
  • Chronic-Cath is available in Silicone, Polyurethane, Intisil and Hydrocoat.
  • When choosing Intisil or Hydrocoat it is recommended to go for the attachable Chronic-Cath. Otherwise you have no possibilty to shorten the length of the catheter without losing the benefit of the rounded tip on these catheters.
  • Pig Tail connector are also available seperately. See our attachment possibilities page.

Chronic-Caths are available in the following configurations (for possible modifications see our catheter modifications page):

French Size Gauge Standard Length Inner and Outer Diameters Ordering codes
ID x OD Silicone Intisil Polyurethane Hydrocoat
Silicone Intisil Polyurethane Hydrocoat Pre-attached Attachable Pre-attached Attachable Pre-attached Attachable Pre-attached Attachable
1,2 27 30cm 0,2 x 0,4mm 0,2 x 0,4mm CC-1S CCAC-1S --- --- CC-1P CCAC-1P --- ---
2 23 60cm 0,3 x 0,6mm 0,3 x 0,6mm CC-2S CCAC-2S --- --- CC-2P CCAC-2P --- ---
3 20 60cm 0,5 x 0,9mm 0,6 x 0,9mm CC-3S CCAC-3S CC-3IS CCAC-3IS CC-3P CCAC-3P CC-3H CCAC-3H
3,5 18 60cm --- 0,6 x 1,1mm CC-3,5P CCAC-3,5P CC-3,5H CCAC-3,5H
4 18 60cm 0,6 x 1,2mm --- CC-4S CCAC-4S CC-4IS CCAC-4IS --- --- --- ---
5 16 60cm 0,7 x 1,7mm 1,0 x 1,7mm CC-5S CCAC-5S CC-5IS CCAC-5IS CC-5P CCAC-5P CC-5H CCAC-5H
7 13 60cm 1,3 x 2,4mm 1,5 x 2,4mm CC-7S CCAC-7S CC-7IS CCAC-7IS CC-7P CCAC-7P CC-7H CCAC-7H
9 11 60cm 1,6 x 3,2mm --- CC-9S CCAC-9S CC-9IS CCAC-9IS