UNO Catheters and Catheter Modifications

Silicone catheters - sterile, cut lengths Medical Grade silicone rubber, has high biocompatibility, is relatively non-thrombogenetic and resistant to chemicals and temperature. It is easily modified and can autoclaved or gas sterilized. Some sizes are also available with rounded tip: Intisil!       Polyurethane catheters - sterile, cut lengths Polyurethane has high compatibility and relatively non-thrombogenetic. Comparing similar french sizes PU has a greater innerdiameter and its initial stiffness may make it easier to insert and advance. PU can only be ETO gas sterilized but can also be supplied with a specialized coating: Hydrocoat!

French Size Gauge Inner Diameter   Outer Diameter Available as Intisil Standard Length Inner Diameter   Outer Diameter Available as Hydrocoat Standard length
1,2 27 0,2mm x 0,4mm No 30cm 0,2mm x 0,4mm No 30cm
2 23 0,3mm x 0,6mm Yes 60cm 0,3mm x 0,6mm No 60cm
3 20 0,5mm x 0,9mm Yes 60cm 0,6mm x 0,9mm Yes 60cm
3,5 18 -- -- -- 0,6mm x 1,1mm Yes 60cm
4 18 0,6mm x 1,2mm Yes 60cm -- -- -- --
5 16 0,7mm x 1,7mm Yes 60cm 1,0mm x 1,7mm Yes 60cm
7 13 1,3mm x 2,4mm Yes 60cm


x 2,4mm Yes 60cm
9 11 1,6mm x 3,2mm Yes 60cm --
DL7* 13 dual lumen catheter No 60cm --
Also available as bulk tubing, roll 7.6m non sterile. Also available as bulk tubing, roll 7.6m non sterile.


Polyethylene catheters - sterile, cut lengths Low density polyethylene contains no additives, no plastizers and is non-tissue reactive. The catheters are waxy white translucent and durable to 104°C. If requested available with rounded silicone tip : SilTip.
PE size Approx. French size Gauge Inner diameter   Outer diameter Standard length SilTip available
10 1,8 30 0,28 x 0,61 60cm No
20 3,2 27 0,38 x 1,09 60cm Yes
50 2,9 23 0,58 x 0,96 60cm Yes
60 3,7 21 0,76 x 1,22 60cm Yes
90 3,8 20 0,86 x 1,27 60cm Yes
100  4,6 20 0,86 x 1,52 60cm  Yes
160 4,7 18 1,14 x 1,57 60cm Yes
Also available as bulk tubing, roll 7.6m non sterile.

Hydrocoat; Polyurethane catheters are available with a Hydromer coating and rounded tip. The Hydromer coating is a hydrogel material made by the interaction of poly-vinylpyrrolidone and an isocyanate prepolymer. The coating is covalently bonded via a gentle termal cure providing a slippery surface when wet, virtually eliminating friction. This improves the ease of insertion and minimizes vessel trauma. The lubricity descreases the tendency of platelets, proteins and encrust to adhere to the surface reducing the potential for occlusion. Tests have shown that bacterial adhesion is significantly decreased on a Hydromer coated catheter reducing the potential for infection. The Hydrocoat's rouned tip works further to minimize thrombogenecity and maximize patency. More ...

Intisil catheter; Silicone catheter with rounded tip. More...

Mouse catheter: For use with mice a number of special catheters have been designed in the past and have proven to be very succesfull. More...

Chronic Cath™: Chronic Cath catheters are available with a preattached or an attachable female luer lock and injection cap. The attachable Chronic Cath is provided with a Pigtail Connector- a female luer lock and injection cap, with a 2,54cm Tygon extension, a silicone sleeve & barbed titanium connector. Chronic cath is available in Silicone, Polyurethane, Intisil and Hydrocoat and all sizes mentioned above. More...

Sil-O-Cath: Sil-O-Cath is a one-piece molded catheter with rubber hub. This creates a streamlined fluid path compared to tortuous fluid paths in catheters with conventional snap-on luers. Its unique design the catheter will neither pull apart from the hub nor stick to a male luer. The Sil-O-Cath is available as single or dual lumen catheter in the sizes: 5, 7 and 9 french single lumen and 10.5 dual lumen. More...

Gastro-Intestinal Peritoneal Bladder; As part of our standard range, three varieties of intragastric catheters are available: Closed End Slit Valve, Burp Valve or Side Holes/ Open End, all of which can be customized to suit your application. More...

Coil Cath; Long-term peritoneal access can be hampered by the omentum and long-term bladder access can be hampered by precipitate if a specialty coil catheter is not used. The silicone Coil-Cath has a unique configuration. Perfusion holes are located on both the inside and outside of the coil. If the outside surface becomes occluded by the omentum or a precipitate, the internal coil will still offer a clear fluid path. Both Coil-Caths are 1cm in diameter and are attached to a 60cm long 7 French catheter. More...

T-tube catheters; a full line of T-tube catheters are available. More...

Vascular Occluders; Inflatable silicone cuffs designed for the occlusion and constriction of blood vessels and soft organ without traction or displacement of the surrounding tissue. More...

Bile collection System; a complete system utilizing Vascular Access ports and special design T-tube catheters for easy and secure bile sampling. More...

Catheter Modifications; A variety of catheter modification is available. A summary of the most common modifications is listed below. Again, please know that custom made designs are our specialty!!! So if you cannot find the catheter you are looking for, please just contact us and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.


  • Retention beads; to secure the catheter inside vessel or organ. Available for all catheters. All standard catheters have 2 retention beads which can be slided to the required position during implantation. For the Hydrocoat catheter it is necessary that you mention the required position when ordering the catheters. Due to the Hydrocoating the beads need to be fixed to the catheter during production, otherwise they will simply slide off. 
  • Attachment Sleeve: for catheter securement & strain relief at the port catheter junction. Available for all catheters.
  • Perfusion Holes; for perfusion of tissue or organs. Available for all catheters.
  • Dacron Mesh Suture Disk; to anchor the catheter in the intestines or bladder. Available for all catheters.
  • Dacron Mesh Suture Flange; to anchor the catheter to tissues. Available for all catheters.
  • Dacron Felt Cuff; to promote tissue ingrowth and anchoring of the catheter. Available for all catheters size 3 french up.
  • Surestay: Dacron felt pad on the undersurface of the Vascular Access port for secure attachment.

Distal Tip Options;

  • Round Tip; Available for all catheters size 3 french and up!
  • Square Tip; Available for all catheters.
  • Beveled tip; Available for all catheters.

Attachment options;

  • Male or Female Luers; Rubber injection caps available for male luer
  • Luer Stub Adaptors with or without injection caps
  • Pig Tail connectors for use with external catheter. More...
  • Plugs and Connectors, solid or hollow to connect 2 pieces of catheters. More...
  • SilTip - soft silicone sleeve to minimize vessel trauma. More...

Insertion Aids for catheters;