CapnoTrue® AMP Mainstream CO2 /SpO2 Monitors

Advanced and reliable capnograph and pulse oximeter combined in a single monitor.


Key features of CapnoTrue® AMP

  • Mainstream CO2 measurement with the IRMATM CO2 analyzer
  • Warm-up time: < 10s full specification
  • Direct measurement without time delay
  • Small, light-weight and shock-resistant: the
  • IRMATM CO2 analyzer weighs less than 30 g
  • Adult/paediatric, infant/neonatal, and a for rat modified IRMATM airway adapter
  • Plug and measure technology
  • IRMATM airway adapters with non-condensing light transmission XTPTM window
  • No occlusion by water or mucus possible
  • Maintenance and calibration-free technology
  • Full range of key technology accessories
  • Wide range of high-quality SpO2 sensors


The IRMA AX+ Analyzer is equipped with state-of-the-art NDIR technology with up to 9-channel gas type analysis in the 4-10µm range and offers reliable agent identification and quantification even in gas mixtures. It weigh less than 25g.

Probes to be used with rats
Probes to be used with larger animals

  Delivery Package of CapnoTrue® AMP

  • Mainstream device
  • IRMATM CO2 analyzer • IRMATM airway adapter (adult/paediatric)
  • Reusable SpO2 sensor • Instruction manual
  • CapnoTrue® power supply (EU and UK plug) • 1 Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • Silicone protective cover • PC software
  • USB data cable • 4 batteries (AA)
Download PDF with more detailed specifications!

The CapnoTrue AMP Mainstream Monitor can be used in combination with the

The CapnoTrue AMP and ASP - CO2/SpO2 monitors including the IRMA™ CO2 analyzer, ISA™CO2 analyzer and SoftCap Sensors are classified and certified as class IIb products.