UNO Bile Collection System


The subcutaneous Bile Collection System comprises two ClearPort Vascular Access Ports - for connection to the balloon/occluding catheter and the sampling catheter and a T-Tube catheter which is placed in the common bile duct. The T-tube is a specialized silicone catheter with 2 arms - the sampling and occluding catheters. Once connected, the balloon catheter can be occluded for the total, quantative fluid collection without any exteriorized components. Custom sizes are available. The system is low pressure, has no exteriorized components, provides quantative fluid collection, accommodates long-term use of animals, provides selective infusion, enables convenient fluid sampling and allows unrestricted animal movement.

System components

• 1 x Titanium V-A-P for occluding catheter (CP2/CP4/CP6)
• 1 x Titanium V-A-P for sampling catheter (CP2/CP4/CP6)
• 1 x 26G x 24"/60cm stainless steel balloon catheter filler
• 1 x 20G x 24"/60cm Huber Needle sampling set
• 1 x 100ml low vacuum collection bulb - BIC-CB-100
• 1 x T-tube catheter system:
  • Balloon Catheter: diam=0,2cm x 7cm length
  • Occluding Catheter: 4,5 french x 60cm length
  • Sampling Catheter: 5 french x 60cm




Biccs Operation; the bile duct is cannulated and the catheters are inserted into the bile duct. The sampling catheter should be on the liver side of the balloon. The sampling and occluding catheters are tunneled to the subcutaneous port sites for connection to the Vascular Access Ports.

For Bile Collection; insert the Huber Needle sampling set into the sampling Vascular Access Port. With the balloon in the unoccluded/open position, bile will not flow through the sampling catheter. Occlude the balloon by infusing a hypertonic glucose solution into the Vascular Access Port attached to the balloon/occluding catheter. The balloon in the T-tube will inflate closing off bile flow through the T-tube. The bile is diverted into the sampling Vascular Access Port for collection through the sampling right angle set.

When collection is completed, the sampling right angle set is removed. The fluid in the balloon Vascular Access Port is removed with a Huber Needle and Syringe, restoring bile flow to the duodenum.


Ordering information:

 Ordering code Bile Duct Catheter VAP Model Accessories included in BICCS kit:
BIC-CP6AC-5S 5 french CP4AC BIC-CB-100 100ml Vacuum collection bulb
BIC-CP4AC-5S 5 french CP4AC BIC-RA20-75 Huber sampling set
BIC-CP2AC-5S 5 french CP4AC BICCS Filler 27Ga. stainless steel balloon filler

Also available are Bile Collection Systems with the T-Tube catheter system: BAD catheters.

BAD-Cath Features:

  • The novel occluding diaphragm holds its open or closed position on its own, making it a low pressure system to operate
  • The small (0.02cc) fluid volume needed to tightly seal the diaphragm closed protects the diaphragm from damage due to excess pressure accidentally infused into the system
  • The ability to deliver compounds into the duodenum and selectively flush the diaphragm area or the bile duct proximal or distal to the T-Piece


  • Catheter materials are Silicone and Polyurethane
  • Standard T-arm sizes range from 3F-9F
  • Optional duodenal access/flush catheter 
  • Occluding diaphragms are available in large (dog) or small (nonhuman primate NHP) sizes
  • Custom made modifications available for different applications or use in different species

Ordering information:

Ordering code Port Model Top Size Trunk Size Accessories included in BICCS kit
Catheter only Complete Set w/ 3 pcs Clearports
  • 1pcs BIC-CB-100; 100ml Vacuum collection Bulb
  • 1pcs BIC-RA20-75; Huber sampling set
  • 1pcs BICCS Filler; 27Ga. stainless steel balloon filler
BAD-CATH 3 --- 3french 7 french
BAD-CATH3/CP4 CP4AC 3french 7 french
BAD-CATH3/CP2 CP2AC 3french 7 french
BAD-CATH 5 --- 5french 7 french
BAD-CATH5/CP4 CP4AC 5french 7 french
BAD-CATH5/CP2 CP2AC 5french 7 french
BAD-CATH5/7 --- 5&7french 7 french
BAD-CATH57/CP4 CP4AC 5&7french 7 french
BAD-CATH57/CP2 CP2AC 5&7french 7 french
BAD-CATH 7 --- 7french 7 french
BAD-CATH7/CP4 CP4AC 7french 7 french
BAD-CATH7/CP2 CP2AC 7french 7 french
BAD-CATH 8 --- 8french 7 french
BAD-CATH8/CP4 CP4AC 8french 7 french
BAD-CATH8/CP2 CP2AC 8french 7 french
BAD-CATH 9 --- 9french 7 french
BAD-CATH9/CP4 CP4AC 9french 7 french
BAD-CATH9/CP2 CP2AC 9french 7 french

100ML Collection Bulbs:

These 100cc resilient, all silicone reservoirs provide constant, effective, gentle, positive suction drainage and permit accurate measurement and analysis of the drainage fluid. Reverse flow is prohibited due to the anti-reflux valve. Available in single units in a sterile Tyvek pouch.

Ordering code: BIC-CB100.